Why rent a bus rather than flying?

When travelling through a country, we recommend renting a bus to get from one location to the next instead of choosing to buy a plane ticket. We believe that travelling by bus is the much better choice due to the many ways that it adds value to your trip. Read all about why you should rent a bus rather than flying below:


Firstly, travelling on a plane does not allow you to experience as much as you would when travelling by bus. The bus gives you the opportunity to see more of the country that you are travelling through. Not only will you see it, but you will have a chance to stop and explore certain areas before reaching your destination, giving you the full sight-seeing experience.


The cost of hiring a bus will vary depending on the size of the group, but the more people there are, the less expensive it is to travel by bus. In fact, travelling with a large group in a bus works out to be far less expensive per-person than it would for each person to purchase a plane ticket.


Busses give you an opportunity to travel in style. Luxury bus hire companies, such as Future Coaches Cape, have interiors designed to make your journey as comfortable as possible. We offer busses with reclining seats, curtains, fridges, spacious bathrooms and more.

Luggage space

If you choose to travel by bus, there will be no need to worry about following a strict weight guideline for your luggage or having to cram your hand luggage into a small space. Busses have the necessary space to accommodate all your luggage for your trip.

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