What separates Future Coaches Cape from other Coach & Bus Rental Companies?

Future Coaches Cape is a brand that sets themselves apart from the rest. As the rental industry in general has become stagnant as far as most clients are concerned, it is important for us to push the level of expected service in South Africa. With focus being put on the delivery of services and the overall comfort of the client, this is the time for the finest luxury transport solution to shine.

An expansive fleet

A key part of what sets Future Coaches apart is the expansive fleet on hand. Catering to a wide range of luxury transport needs, our selection of cars includes over 60 different vehicles that can cater to groups both small and large. From smaller seven seater bus options to larger 60 person coaches, and everything in between, we can ensure that you enjoy the finest luxury travel options around South Africa. The best way to hit the road, whether corporate group or private function, this is a trusted 24 hour service that ensures your safety and comfort at all times.

Reliable service record

As arguably the most important factors when considering which rental company to use, vehicle safety and company track record are key pieces of information that will assure your safety, or lack thereof. As with any company dealing with vehicles and similar assets, maintenance is key to a smooth operation, however this also incurs huge costs on the company which are sometimes ignored or overlooked. When regarding group travel and safety, your vehicle must always be checked and well maintained. As a luxury service you should receive the best possible conditions all round. Whether small or large groups, private or corporate, your safety on the road should be the main concern at all times. With a skilled driver and a top notch vehicle you can be sure of your safety while in transit.

Highly trained drivers

As a professional, luxury aimed service, we pride ourselves on having skilled, trained drivers at the helm. As the focus representatives of our company, the client facing persons for our brand, our drivers are not only skilled behind the wheel, but also hold knowledge to impart onto guests over your travels. From guided tours to general, courteous conversation and interaction, our drivers are the guiding forces behind our reliable name.

Casual and professional

The hassle with many companies is the difference between corporate needs and private needs. Often a company will cater to one and not the other, boasting amenities for corporate groups without the allowance for differing private needs. As a full service, professional transport solution we cater to a wide variety of needs, from simple tour groups to large scale school tours and corporate excursions.

Price appropriate levels of service

With a vast fleet and a selection of service levels, we can give clients exactly what they need, whether regarding vehicle or price range. As our fleet includes both lighter and heavier vehicle options there are options that are more cost effective for certain group types as well as other more luxurious and spacious options for higher rates. At Future Coaches Cape we ensure that our clients enjoy a comfortable, effective service, as such we aim to give them the best possible experience for the best possible price. However, luxury will always be luxury.

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