How do we make sure our passengers are always safe?

As a premium luxury transportation business, we are passionate about ensuring our clients are safe while enjoying their tourist experience. Future Coaches Cape was established with the intention of enhancing transport to the tourism industry.

We have an extensive range of skilled drivers and operational staff who follow a stringent process in driving and avoiding distractions on the road as well as being well-informed of the destinations. Future Coaches Cape has invested in technologically advanced safety enhancements. This includes our vehicles being tracked 24/7 to keep track of where the vehicles are at all times.

Future Coaches Cape focuses on an elite transportation experience for all types of events. We advise our clients to enjoy their transporting experience through following processes of having seatbelts on throughout the drive.

Our clientele includes tours, corporate functions, universities and school outings as well as events and conference transportation. Another attestable factor to our record is that we have maintained a 21-year-accident-free record, up to just over 10 million kilometres without incident.

The additional safety precautions that Future Cape Coaches has invested in is the vehicles that are covered for up to R100 million passenger insurance with a member accreditation of SABOA, COASA, SACCI and Skal.

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