Luxury transport: Why are we the best?

Future Coaches Cape are incredibly proud of our luxurious fleet of vehicles and the incredible experience that they can provide our clients with. As one of the leading luxury coach companies in Southern Africa, we are confident that our luxury transport is the absolute best choice for your travels. Read about why our luxury transport is the best below:

Fleet features

We have a wide range of vehicles that offer different features that offer the complete luxury transport experience. Most of our vehicles offer reclining seats, providing you with comfort throughout your journey. In some of our larger vehicles, there are fridges, parcel racks, curtains and more. All of these features add to your luxurious experience during your time with us.

Vehicle capacity

A great element of our luxury transport is that we cater to small groups of individuals as well as large groups. Whether you are using our luxury transport with a small group of friends to tour the beautiful country of South Africa, or you’re hiring it for a large school event, we have what you need.

Experienced team

Not only do we offer a very large and luxurious fleet, but we also boast a very experienced and caring team. Our team is always willing and ready to provide you with what you need, giving their very best to provide you with a luxury service that you will never forget! The quality of our services, paired with our luxury fleet, is exactly what keep our clients coming back for more.

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