Cheapest Mini Bus hire around Cape Town

Vehicle hire is more popular for holidays and events. Hiring a cheap mini bus for an event can save you money, both as an international or local tourist. Hiring a mini bus is more affordable than using your own car for an event.

Future Coaches has a variety of mini buses that can accommodate a number of people. We have a variety of mini buses that are spacious, luxurious and affordable. Imagine driving in a spacious mini bus with kids playing at the back seat while driving to an event and listening to pleasant, layed-back music. Sounds like fun right?

Hiring a mini bus from a reputable company like Future Coaches comes with many benefits; from affordability to peace of mind. Enjoy the convenient and comfortable of your destination with our mini bus. Clients will create lifetime lasting memories in our mini bus.

A hired mini bus is cost effective compared to driving 3 separate vehicles to fit all the family members. One mini bus from Future Coaches can transport up to 12 passengers. Our mini bus create a mood of togetherness and is spacious enough to store bags and nosh.

Future Coaches offers safe and reliable mini bus hire. Both passengers and drivers must feel safe when driving in our mini bus . Our staff makes the hiring process easy and fast. We staff prides itself in providing an exceptional customer service. We vow to meet all our client’s needs and prioritize them.

Hire any of our mini bus and enjoy your vacation with friends and family. Contact us today and our friendly staff will assist.

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