Advantages of school bus hire around Cape Town

Most schools don’t own their own buses which becomes a problem when they must travel or take a school trip. A hired bus can be used for school trips for collecting and transporting learners to their homes.

Future Coaches has luxury coaches and buses to hire for any school tours. We are passionate about tours, whether school day-trips or vacations. Our buses are clean and come in flexible sizes ranging from 36 seaters up to 78 seaters. We provide buses depending on your needs and the total number of passengers and their cargo.

When transporting a large group of school learners, hiring a bus should be your number one choice. Future Coaches offers the best prices and quality customer service. Our buses for hire provide comfortability for every group with highly trained bus drivers. All our buses are equipped with the latest technologies and facilities to make a journey comfortable and memorable.

Future Coaches frequently cleans and services its own buses, ensuring the buses are always readily available for hire. Our buses include wheelchair accessibility, accommodating disabled learners. We also have a quantum which can accommodate a group of 16 school learners. Future Coaches can supply a variety of buses, coaches or quantums without compromising our customer’s safety and quality of the trip.

All our buses undergo regular checkups and maintenance. Our drivers will offer a pleasant and enjoyable journey, ensuring all passengers are safely transported to their destinations. Future Coaches offer versatile and safe transport solutions for schools and personal trips. Before our buses collect passengers they are inspected to ensure they are clean and safe for client transportation.

We look forward to your next booking with us, contact Future Coaches for more information.

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