3 Reasons you should rather rent a bus than flying

So you’ve decided to go on a trip. Your excitement builds and you fantasize about all of the fun things you’ll do when you reach your destination. But how will you get there? Just book an airplane ticket, right? Not so fast. The decision isn’t as cut and dried s you might think. Delayed flights, cramped seating and congested airports are a few reasons you may want to consider alternative options. Let us present the top 3 reasons why traveling by bus is better than flying.


A trip by charter bus is a cost-efficient, easy, and comfortable travel solution. Driving to the airport can be very stressful with all the traffic congestion to the airport, and airplane tickets can be quite costly. Add in luggage fees and costs for taxis or rentals, and you end up with a hefty bil and logistics to consider. A charter bus makes your travel plans simple and hassle-free. We do the driving and navigating while you sit back and enjoy the ride.


If you’ve ever taken a commercial flight at some point in your life, chances are “cosy” isn’t the word you would use to describe your seating arrangement. Once you squeeze into your seat on an airplane, you’re left fending for precious elbow space. Need to stretch out your legs? Forget about it. On the flip side, take a trip on our 5-star bus and you’ll find bigger seats, more room for your legs, and less time worrying about being jabbed by a stray elbow from your neighbour.


A charter bus takes you exactly where you want to go, and unlike plane travel, there’s no worry about layovers or calling a cab to get to your final destination. You plan the route, and we take you there. Luggage is no problem, pack a carry on bag, and leave the rest of your luggage under the bus. You know that your luggage will be there when you arrive because it is traveling with you. Running around an airport to find the baggage check can be stressful, and even worse is when the airline loses your luggage! You don’t have to worry about any of this when you travel by bus.

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